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  Lessons and Clinics  
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Multi-Discipline Lessons

We teach horsemanship from the ground up to a wide range of students—from novice to experienced helping them to achieve their goals in a safe, friendly environment. New students can expect a well rounded education beginning with safe horse handling and exploring aspects of riding and horsemanship across disciplines. This education gives students the tools to become confident horse owners. Whether in the arena or on trails, the corner stone is always the relationship between horses and people. Experienced riders will expand their skills, increase awareness and find improvement through Centered Riding and Franklin Method, by improving body awareness and enhancing collaboration with their horse. We specialize in returning adult riders and riders recovering from injuries.


Price Training Services offers a variety of clinic experiences throughout the year. Partnering with educators worldwide, guests, visitors, students will find unique opportunities to explore. Some include Centered Riding, dressage, obstacles and trail work, in-hand work, holistic care, and practical and legal aspects of horse ownership. Check the schedule often and be sure to sign up.

Workshops and Classes

Onsite workshops and classes include a range of Franklin Method workshops for people, Masterson Method workshops for equines, as well as specialty classes such as First Aid, CPR, and Tai Chi. 

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