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  Franklin Method™  
Franklin Method:  Change Your Body by Changing Your Mind

Franklin Method is an effective evidence based way to improve movement and function. For more than 30 years students have been improving body awareness using Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI™) to support healthy movement, function, mobility and coordination.  Using many variations of mental imagery and proprioceptive input, students learn techniques that can be applied to all aspects of their daily lives.  This is especially effective for improving body awareness while riding.

During Franklin Method workshops and lessons, students use a systematic approach to learning about their anatomy, relationship to body systems and structures that create healthy movement.  DNI™  integrates movement experience, biomechanical knowledge, imagery, sensory cues, proprioception, self talk and self assessment to enhance movement quality. 

Colleen Price is a certified Level 2 Franklin Method Educator and a graduate of the first Franklin Balls for Equestrians course in the United States.  At each stage of training, Franklin Method educators are immersed in the techniques that aid students in noticing differences in how their bodies move and feel.  Each technique gives the student more information to self evaluate and make choices about how to best improve their comfort across all types of movement.  Videos and information can be found at with videos addressing several specific sports. 

Students can enroll in Franklin Method unmounted lessons, Franklin Method riding lessons or a variety of Franklin Method workshops including: 

  • Hand Workshop

  • Psoas Workshop

  • Pelvic Power Workshop

  • Fascia Workshop

  • Healthy Back Workshop

  • The Liberated Spine Workshop

  • Happy Feet Workshop

  • Dynamic Abs Workshop

  • Franklin Method Principals Workshop

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