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Aerial view of pastures edited.jpg
Price Training Services at Healing Rein Farm

Colleen and Lee boarded at Healing Rein Farm. In 2001, it was an easy decision to work with Abner and Jodi Argueta to purchase the farm and retain the Healing Rein Farm name and tradition. 

The focus is on individual attention with a blend of traditional and holistic care and resources available. Horse-human relationships are the centerpiece for the farm—mounted or unmounted, active or retired; horses are valued companions, humans community.

In collaboration with a strong farm community, we work with our boarders, vendors, educators and students to create a great plan for horses and humans to grow.

Each year the farm hosts a dozen or more educational opportunities for equine enthusiasts. You don't have to ride to find a useful class in our events calendar.

We continue to improve the farm each season and are looking forward to our Grand Opening celebration in Spring 2024. In the meantime, tours are available by appointment. Join us for Thursday evening Tai Chi class or sign up for a Franklin Method workshop.

Colleen Price

"It's all Grandma and Gramma's fault." We got off the plane in Wichita at midnight and by 2am, four-old Colleen was sitting on her first pony, Rusty. Fifty years later she is here at the farm in Freeville, NY. The excitement of that first ride has never left or the enthusiasm to foster better relationships with horses, no matter size, breed, discipline or ability.

A nurse, fire captain, paramedic, certified instructor, Colleen has an ability to help people feel safe and discover functional movement on and off the horse.

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Lee Price

Lee grew up helping on his Aunt and Uncle's small farm, helping care for the animals and putting up hay. He will tell you he is "not a horse person and never intends to ride one." When you see him with the horses, you can tell it's a half truth... the horses respond to him and he innately seems to hear them, but the truth part— He does not ride and likely never will.

Lee is the project engineer, farm hand, medic, ring master, mechanic, plumber, cat herder, hay handler, horse husband, counselor, horse snuggler/scratcher and all around best human on the farm. He is at the end of the day, the person who made it and still makes it possible for Price Training Services to come to fruition and grow.

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